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Al Huda Online Quran Courses

Posted by Admin on March 11, 2008


Al Huda international also offers online Quran diploma courses in English and Urdu. These course includes Tajweed (Art of reciting Quran), Translation, Tafsir (Explanation of Quran) Seerah (Life of Prophet Muhammad saw), Fiqh and other subjects. Classes are held on Pal Talk.

Al Huda International Online Courses


6 Responses to “Al Huda Online Quran Courses”

  1. amer said

    i wont too learn quran

  2. salam to all reader
    i want to learn quran how i read and learn our holy book
    usman jadoon

  3. daba fall said

    Iwant to learn the quran, please I somebody help

    • Anisa said


      Yes , you can learn it any time .Vist Online Quran Course information on this website .

  4. كتب said


    شكرا جزيلا…

  5. Hafiz Arsalan Khan said

    Asslamo Alaikum: i m a hafiz e Quran and now i m student of B tech.i want to get a job as a online Quran teacher.can u helpo me.
    i m w8ng for ur rply.Allah Hafiz

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