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AIS Al Huda International School

Posted by Admin on July 20, 2010


Al Huda International School


Montessori Section, Islamabad Campus.

Admissions Open.

Starting this September!


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Sha’baan Al Muazzam

Posted by Admin on July 20, 2010

شعبان المعظم

Urdu Booklet on Shabaan

Urdu Booklet :Shabaan Al Muazzam (pdf)

Lecture by Dr.Farhat Hashmi

شعبان کی حقیقت

Sha’aban Ki Haqeeqat

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Kids Land : Lets Learn How to Pray

Posted by Admin on July 4, 2010

Kids Land

An Islamic Edutainment Website For Children

Play and Learn: Lets Learn How to Pray!

A brand new flash presentation showing all the steps of prayer with proper positions with graphics

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Rajab and Mairaj

Posted by Admin on July 3, 2010

Flash Presentation : Rajab and Mairaj

Lecture by Dr.Farhat Hashmi: Rajab Aur Shab e Mairaj

Urdu eBook: Rajab Aur Shab e Mairaj

Article: Asma Binte Shameem : Rajab and Mairaj – What did the Prophet (s) do?

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