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Facing Death…

Posted by Admin on July 2, 2008

Facing Death…

By Javeria Aqeel

Death is an undeniable fact of life…yet is the most ignored.

We all have to die and we all know that. Thousands of people die every day. Yet this stark reality has become lost…obscured…eventually forgotten.

When we embark on a journey, we plan every tiniest detail. What we will need for the journey, what we should pack, our documents, passports all should be in perfect order. We do our utmost to know about our destination,its currency, accommodation,  climate, clothing etc However, our preparation for our own death is nil.

For our death, we plan nothing, pack nothing, have no clue what the journey will be like…Do we even know our destination? Have we arranged for our accommodation ? Not really! Yet we claim to be Muslims and we claim to believe in the Akhirat.

Do we actually know what the Akhirat will be like? When we all are resurrected, will it be day or night? How will we come out of the graves? What will happen next? How long would the court of Allah be for? We know nothing…we never even bother to know about this journey…yet we say we believe?! If this is not lip service… then what is it?

This lack of conviction of Akhirat and being ignorant about it causes us to forget our own death – the undeniable fact of life.

So how does a Muslim with true belief in Akhirat behave?
Once i went  to a Quran Lecture given by Najmul Hasan every Friday in English on Khayaban e sehar. There I realized what true belief on Akhirat really means.

Najam uncle narrated a true story of his friend who was ill and got his blood tests done. From the hospital he called Najam uncle and told him I have two news – one good one bad. Najam uncle asked him to narrate the bad news first.

He said he has been diagnosed with cancer. Terminal cancer. After such a news, one wonders what possible good news can there be in the face of death!!?? His friend replied that finally he will get to meet Allah and see the unseen – the ghaib.. on which he had full belief all his life.. And now finally the curtain to the other world would soon be lifted from him. So this was the good news – for a true believer. And this how our belief on Akhirat should be.


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