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Blessed Ramadan

Posted by Admin on August 9, 2009

The most beautiful month of Ramadan is about to start. See our presentation regarding significance of Ramadan, dos and donts of fasting and how to spend and make most of Ramadan.

Ramadan Presentation

Ramadan Duas : Sighting Moon , Breaking Fast and lailatul Qadr

Audio Lectures regarding Ramadan by Dr.Farhat Hashmi(Urdu)

  • What to do in Ramadan?
  • Blessed Ramadan
  • Honorable Ramadan
  • Issues of Fasting

One Response to “Blessed Ramadan”

  1. ramadan said

    Sounds nice! I think you should see how it is to enjoy Ramadan in a cold country like Sweden. I’ve been doing it for about 17 years now, and I tell you one thing – you won’t ever forget the first time fasting in Sweden!

    By the way, I just subscribed to the RSS-feed of your blog. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you for a “friendly” post about Ramadan. I think it’s pretty sad, that wherever I go – I see people saying bad things about us Muslims. Just stop it! Spend time with a Muslim, become a Muslim, read books about the religion of Islam – and learn about it. You can’t say bad things about something you don’t know anything about. Yeah, sure – some Muslims are terrorists, but the majority of us aren’t. Quit the BS!

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