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Should Milad be Celebrated in Rabiul Awal?

Posted by Admin on March 13, 2008

Should 12th Rabiul Awal be celebrated? by Javeria

Was Prophet Muhammad saw really born on 12th Rabiul Awal? Did he ever encourage his followers to celebrate Milad? What did his Sahaba do on his birthday? All these questions answered in this article. Read this article here

Love for the Prophet (saw) – The Right Perspective by Hafsa

All Muslims claim to dearly love Prophet Muhammad saw. This article examines how the Sahaba of Rasool Allah displayed their love for him and what we should learn from their lives. The right perspective of love for Rasool Allah saw can only be discovered by studying the life of Sahaba – the companions of Prophet Muhammad saw. Read this article here

Loving The Prophet…but how? by Naureen Aqeel

The Paradox of our love for Rasool Allah saw is highlighted in this article. We all dearly claim to love our Prophet, we claim to be willing to sacrifice everything for him, yet there are no actions to prove these claims. Read this article here

Lectures by Dr.Farhat Hashmi on Love for Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Listen to various lectures in urdu by Dr.Farhat Hashmi on how to express our love for Prophet Muhammad (saw) here


2 Responses to “Should Milad be Celebrated in Rabiul Awal?”

  1. M. Ramzan said

    I read the article “Should 12th Rabiul Awal be celebrated?”. It was perfectly what I thought about it. Any difference I would have disputed at least in my mind. May Allah(swt) put all of us on the right path, give us the vision to see the right and wrong. May Allah(swt) reward sister who wrote it.

  2. Mustafa Farooq said

    I thought that the articles, while ma’shallah written with a good intention, and may the writers be duly rewarded for their intentions with Jannah-al-Firdaus, inshallah, I thought that the writers missed out on a lot of important issues.

    In terms of seeing the Mawlid as a recent innovation, it’s not really that recent. In fact, the Mawlid goes back to the eighth century, at a time when many Tabi’een and many Tabi’Tabieen were still walking the streets. (Kaptein, N.J.G (2007). “Mawlid”. in P. Bearman, Th. Bianquis, C.E. Bosworth, E. van Donzel and W.P. Heinrichs. Encyclopedia of Islam. Brill.)One would expect, as with other innovations at the time, that if the Mawlid was such a great travesty, it would have been condemned rather spectacularly.

    In terms of not celebrating the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)’s birthday, I’m not exactly sure why anyone would have any problem with it as long as there is no Shirk involved with any of the praise. After all, all Muslims know that Salawat on the Prophet is something rewarded at all times, and I can’t see a better time than the Prophet’s birthday to do so.

    In terms of the disputation on the date of Rabia’al Awal, that’s like discounting the praying Salat because there’s a difference of opinion on the exact way to make Wudu. It doesn’t make any sense and is a complete denial of our scholarly traditions.



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