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Contribution of Women in Spreading the Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Posted by Admin on January 28, 2008

This is an Award Winning Article taken from the published works of National Seerah Conference, 1414 Hijri, 1993 Role of Muslim Women by Dr.Farhat Hashmi

As soon as a person develops insight and a sense to question, he is faced with countless queries regarding himself and the environment around him, the most important being, “Who am I?…..Who created me?………What is the truth of everything around me and how was it made? Whose skillful workmanship is this? The society and the environment say that all this was made by ‘Allah. Who is Allah? What is He like? Where is He? How do we recognize Him? How do we reach Him? What is the proof that He really does exist? A person is perplexed when he tries to answer these questions and in the end when all reasoning fails, in this state of utter hopelessness, human nature needs a mentor who would help him recognize his Creator, and help him believe in his own existence. So his Most Merciful Creator does not abandon him, and to fulfill his need, sends a being who helps him get rid of his bewildered state, acquaints him with his Creator, and saves him from going astray.

              Rasul Allah (SAW) is that being, that personality, who not only familiarizes the created with their Creator but also apprises them with the latter’s likes and dislikes. In his personality we find a living example of Allah’s message… Read the full article here


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